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Prelude. Disciples Were Overjoyed.
Part I. Horses And Chariots.
Part II. Quadrangle pool.
Part III. When he opens no one will shut.
Part IV. When He Shuts No One Will Open.
Interlude I. Until The Thousand Years Were Ended.
Part V. One thousand and one.
Interlude II. Commotion and waiting.
Part VI. Return to your  fortress
Part VII. The right to do anything
Part VIII. Doppelgänger
Part IX. Unclean spirits.
Part X. Pure Black.
Part XI. Schleife.
Interlude three. Gate.
Part XII. Roots.
Part XII. Method (one).
Part XIV. Obfuscation.
Part XV. Derealization.
Part XVI. Ash
Part XVII. Realization.
Part XVIII. Regress.
Part XIX. The one who brought the shadow.
Part XX. Path.
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